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Net Insight enables customers to identify and define new media business models and maximize their content

What does media look like in 2022 and beyond?

For media organizations everywhere, ongoing evolution of their live media transport and business models has been met with the sudden global disruption of 2020 and the new normal to work remotely in 2021.

Amongst this disruption and new normal demand for television and streaming services has skyrocketed thanks to more people being at home during lockdowns.

This disruption and ongoing evolution of how media is produced and consumed has highlighted the need to futureproof operations across all parts of the media value chain:

  • Production companies
  • Broadcasters
  • Service providers
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Average number of video services per consumer in 2021 up from 6.9 in 2020

Source: TiVo study, 2021

Why is this guide for me?

Whatever stage of the media chain your organization is at, there are key business drivers in place. This guide can help you home in on addressing your pressing requirements:

  1. The need to fully capitalize on existing investments
  2. Evolving your technical infrastructure cost-effectively
  3. Embracing industry standards
    1. Across live media processing
    2. Cloud and internet transport
    3. Control and orchestration
  4. The lines between producers, broadcasters and service providers are becoming blurred. Interoperability and collaboration is key.

Why Net Insight?

Net Insight is defining new ways to deliver media. We’re driving the transformation of video networks with open IP, virtualized and cloud solutions that enable our customers to simply and cost-effectively create live experiences. We are opening up new routes for broadcasters, service providers, production companies and enterprises to produce and deliver content to viewers anywhere.

Net Insight not only delivers core technology to build media processing and transport solutions on, but we are also at the forefront of moving our clients to a managed or even unmanaged IP network solution.

We help you benefit from your content.

Select an area to discover how Net Insight can help your organization reach its objectives faster

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2020 Winner Product Innovation Awards

TV Technology 2020 Product Innovation Awards

Net Insight, the winners of the TV Technology 2020 Product Innovation Awards with both cloud platform Nimbra Edge and with Aperi, our virtualized, native live IP media platform

Emmy logo

2018 Emmy® Award for Technology & Engineering

The Internet Media Transport solution, Nimbra VA (now Nimbra 400), has been awarded a Technology & Engineering Emmy® Award in the category of “Pioneering Reliable Transmission Method for Live Contribution & Distribution TV Links”

The media market has already changed

Covid has acted as the accelerator to an existing movement in the media market — one towards cloud technology, virtualization and standardized IP being the foundations of production, broadcast, and the formation of new customer-centric services.

Now, a new way of thinking is required across all aspects of the value chain — from media production to transportation.

How does your organization stand in this current climate, and what does it have to do to evolve in order to meet the new realities of the media marketplace?

User generated content is on the rise as the recent NFL Draft demonstrated with nearly 500 user-generated live fan feeds

The challenges for broadcasters

Changes in consumer behaviors

The pandemic has accelerated a change in behaviors — the demand for streaming and binge-watching series has risen dramatically.

Growing need to monetize content

Broadcasters have to be more creative and resourceful about monetizing key content streams, e.g. buying football rights from major rights owners, like the NFL.

New services expected

Alongside the ongoing adoption of streaming, greater interactivity is expected from broadcast services which calls for greater synergy with service providers.

Creating a sense of community

With the increase in sporting event broadcasting and customer control over camera feeds, there is an opportunity to create a sense of larger community and intimacy with the viewing audience — make them a part of a collective network.

Evolve to a smart IP hybrid cloud production model

Think of hybrid cloud infrastructure as the cohesive part of your organization’s media capabilities. As a turnkey solution it should permeate through departments, giving you the ability to grow and evolve your platforms as the market continues to change.

As the switch to IP continues across the entire media industry, a smart IP solution represents the future for managing scale and content from various regions. What’s more, it can integrate into the cloud, giving you a diverse, interoperable solution that you can operate from any location.

lock and cloud

Private Cloud

Live production control room and events

cloud with arrows

Public cloud

Scale up to public as demand dictates


What if I haven’t invested in servers from major cloud providers?

Don’t worry. Net Insight specialize in extracting maximum value from your current technology stack and operational infrastructure — you can use your own servers, which reduces your reliance on ecosystems such as AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.

Cloud endpoints

Do I need to deploy my cloud solution in a specific way?

Net Insight enables you to deploy your cloud solutions however you like. We can help you tailor your infrastructure to utilize a private and public solution, or keep things strictly on-prem.

We provide you with a smart highway of media distribution.

The decentralized nature of media production now calls for cloud suites with integrated production tools that can be used from anywhere.

This is essential for service providers to be able to effectively cater for OTT services and offer a greater product/service portfolio without having to invest in completely new infrastructure.

See how Red Bee Media working with Net Insight created the world’s first 100GbE IP Media Trust Boundary, supporting both ST 2022 and ST 2110 workflows.

Read the full case study here

How will smart IP cloud technology affect the media value chain?

Net Insight offers the type of agnostic solutions that enable you to deal with all sections of the media value chain and incorporate other vendors into your infrastructure.

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We don’t lock you in, but help you build interoperable solutions for the long-term

The Net Insight SaaS Media Platform for contribution, distribution, live production and orchestration will change the workflows of media production and transport.

Taking things remote

Perhaps the most important step to take for organizations across the media value chain is to enable your infrastructure and operations to cater for at-home / REMI production.

In a disrupted world, remote production enables you to be more cost efficient, with fewer staff on-site, while simultaneously allowing you to diversify your revenue streams and be more efficient with IP-enabled workflows/distribution.

Net Insight provides you with the two key foundations on which to build an agile portfolio of remote production services:

  1. Industry compliance
  2. Standardized, interoperable cloud technologies

Net Insight is celebrated across the media industry for our reliability in remote production, while simultaneously offering class-leading quality for the lowest possible OPEX.

Amazon logo

Amazon powered by
Net Insight innovation

Our innovative solutions underpin the world’s largest digital media providers. In 2020, Amazon bought Net Insight’s consumer streaming business, Sye, for approximately $37.2 million in cash.

Source: FV, 2020

REMI for broadcasters

Optimization of existing investments is a key opportunity for broadcasters with REMI as it enables you to move your technology stack into the cloud and bring new virtualization flexibility to your live production.

New revenue streams are made possible by Net Insight’s REMI solutions unlocking the opportunity to create new viewing experiences that are more immersive and interactive for customers.

Cloud production tools are unlocking new virtualization avenues and enabling new interactive ways to capitalize on televising more live events on the sports rights that broadcasters own.


See how Net Insight enabled The Switch to cost-effectively meet the increasing demand for efficient and flexible broadcast quality (remote as required) production for any live event.

Read the full case study here

Switching your operational workflow to meet new opportunities

The key to media organizations’ operations moving further into 2022 is one word.


As remote production becomes an industry standard across the live event sector and beyond, Net Insight cloud production platforms can enable more cost effective, agile workflows.

However, the opportunities move beyond remote production.

Adapt to changing customer demands with Nimbra & Aperi.

Net Insight have invested heavily to lead the market in its shift towards smart and powerful IP solutions.

The result is Emmy Award winning.

Nimbra and Aperi are products for the new media era that give you flexibility to manage changing events scenarios.


Multi 100G workflow media processing

100G 10/25G
Competitors 10/25G
  • Use bandwidth more efficiently with multiple video compression formats
  • Simplify workflows up to 100G that combine all IP media and data in one
  • Create trust boundaries around IP media workflows and enable lossless data protection
  • Build trusted IP Media workflows over IP WAN connections

Why Aperi?

  • Fully standardized to integrate into any IP workflow and IP network
  • Provides virtualized media functions, i.e. one card can run all functions, which offers flexibility to adapt to any local requirements
  • RESTful API and easy SDN integration with any NMS vendor
  • Integrated switch means less equipment at remote venues
  • Seamless migration — SDI to full IP, replacing SFPs
  • IP/IT-based broadcast solutions are open and flexible, but require security tools as NAT/Firewall adapted for broadcast requirements

For organizations everywhere, data is the gateway to new opportunities


By unlocking the hidden value inside it. The key is understanding what data is, and where it’s coming from.

Unlike traditional physical assets, data is limitless, and is actually increasing in quantity with each passing second thanks to the growing number of connected devices and percentage of the world gaining internet access — both fixed and mobile.


Broadcast-grade reliability is ensured thanks to Nimbra’s ability to slot into and adapt to your existing infrastructure.

play button on device

Hand over content to other systems using open and standardized interfaces thanks to Nimbra & Aperi’s virtualized architecture.


Aperi’s Vstack technology offers superior flexibility to accommodate the different scenarios of live production.

camera and screen

Video feeds can be aligned in time upon delivery, enabling synchronized playout for use cases such as remote production and primary distribution.


Nimbra makes it simple to set up new services, increase or reduce bandwidth on-demand, keeping you elastic and adaptable.


Advanced service and network monitoring offers preventive problem resolution and just in time trouble shooting in critical hours.

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“The service-type flexibility, elasticity as well as embedded security functions of the Nimbra platform is outstanding.”

Trond Hermansen, CTO at NEP Switzerland
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“Net Insight’s solution enables us to produce shows with the host in New York interviewing people in Sunnyvale and the seamless interactivity is amazing without noticeable latency.”

Gary Schneider, Manager Broadcast Systems Engineering at LinkedIn Corp
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“Net Insight’s solution reduces our operational costs significantly, while at the same time enabling us to maximize our service availability and reach to our overseas territories.”

Pascal Gerard, Broadcast Director, French overseas territories, France Télévisions

Unlock efficiency, insights and security

Switching to a smart IP hybrid cloud business model creates tremendous opportunities to control your content more easily, and gain valuable insights as you go.

Today more than ever, monitoring the ongoing performance of your media transportation is key. As more production is carried out remotely and there are simultaneous streams going out to different markets, you need to know where and when to scale your operations up or down.

Manage your media streams with Net Insight

  • We facilitate the building of managed and unmanaged IP pipes for customers — build new functionality as you need it
  • Monitor the performance of your streams – unlock insights across the entire journey of your media to effectively scale your resources up and down
  • Aggregate and smooth streams over the core IP network
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Build your operations securely

Nimbra from Net Insight helps you provide a private network over an open IP network, offering a foundational level of security that can be built on top of.

Benefit from our industry partnerships

Collaboration across the media value chain has always been essential. Today, as organizations switch their operations to smart IP and cloud platforms, and regular production and broadcast methods evolve to cater for disruption, there is increased scope for innovative partnerships.

Net Insight is a thought leader across media. Our partners work with us toward the common goal of customer satisfaction and appreciation, offering interoperable solutions that are powering the next generation of industry standards.

An advanced technology partnership that offers a coupled solution with the Net Insight product portfolio. Simplylive enables well-equipped remote production (Remote Integration Model), or at-home media workflow. Content is captured live at a remote location, including stadiums, arenas and recording studios, while production is performed at a main studio facility. The flexibility of Simplylive allows for any combination of content and production locations.

The combined solution fits requirements across Tier 1-3 live sports, as well as events suitable for customers across broadcast, media service providers and operators.

Net Insight is part of the Grass Valley Technology Alliance (GVTA), which bolsters collaborative relationships across the industry and delivers key benefits for customers.

The combined solutions offer broadcasters and media companies access to a wide range of system solutions that fit diverse needs across broadcast, live sports and event production for customers such as rights holders, media service providers and enterprise customers.

Supporting your ongoing transformation

The keys to a future-proof media ecosystem are in your hand. Net Insight have been at the forefront of defining how media is delivered for nearly 25 years. Our industry firsts have made us into a leading force across the sector, perfectly placed to help guide you in your evolution towards smart IP and hybrid cloud infrastructure.

Timeline of media firsts


Our solutions are trusted by the world’s biggest brands to manage and deliver their media workflows

  • We have honed our product and services across continents to deliver the virtualized tools, automated workflows and flexible networks needed to future-proof your operations in a turbulent market.
  • We open up the benefits of IP and cloud at minimal cost, giving customers an easy, low-cost route to upgrade to IP, leveraging existing hardware investments.
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Net Insight – winner of Emmy Award for pioneering reliable internet streaming technology

Net Insight is the business transformation partner you need to carry media in 2022 and beyond.

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